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Project Activity of the Northern Illinois Historic League, Inc.

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as of 05/28/2024


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96 (of those, people affiliated with approved Preferred Partners)

238 (International people, friends from 41 different countries)

Domestic friends from all 50 states and District of Columbia



Government Support (Only considered In Network if person responded to outreach)


We Graciously Accept Donations to further our mission

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2024 Business Plan - Executive Summary

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The League promotes projects and activities that promote local and regional history with its substantial network of historians, colleagues and experts from Illinois and other locations. Service links and custom schedules are available on the Illinois Directory Blog, and new publications are posted there now for general use by the Illinois historic peer community.

Contact the League office if you wish to be included in our peer network.


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Mission Statement


To bring history lovers together,and promote local and regional historic assets.


To increase public awareness of the value of these historic assets, and sharing of key national asset directories for educational research.


To educate the public on the importance of history, and its continuing relevance for today.





Illinois/American Historic Group Directory Project

Administrator - Bill Kenney


1037 Boxwood Dr.

Crystal Lake, IL 60014-8398

(815) 649-1700



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Source Data - National Park Service presentation sites for Certified Local Governments, National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom

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